The Hopeful Mindset

Finding Hope in the Natural World

Needs and Values

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The Hopeful Mindset (80 pages)

The Appedices: Practicing Hopeful Values, Building a Better Future, and Carving Up Reality

About Needs and Values

All life forms need certain things to survive. As human beings we need, among other things, food, water, air, and warmth. Because our needs must be met in order for us to survive we come to value the circumstances that allow us to do so.

The values of Western Civilization

The Values of Western Civilization shown above seem natural to us because these are the values we have learned from our families, countries, and cultures. But by acting according to these values we have created the dire global problems we face today.

The Hopeful Mindset explores how this situation came to be and  presents an alternative mindset with a different set of values; values capable of dealing with the global issues we face and providing guidance for building a better future.