The Hopeful Mindset Values

Need Hopeful Values
Basic Physiological Needs (food, water, warmth) Vitality
Safety Need Resiliency
Security Need Sustainability 
Membership Need Inclusive Connection/Compassion
Agency (Power to Act) Need Personal Responsibility/Creativity/Respect
Meaning Need Humility (understanding interdependence)
Purpose Need Personal Contribution (knowledge, skills)

The Hopeful Mindset presents a way of looking at the world and our place in it that is accord with the nature of reality. This perspective is founded on the interdependence of living things within the environment. As discussed in The Hopeful Mindset, certain human values arise out of this worldview. These values recognize interdependence as a requisite condition for life to have emerged and flourished on this planet.

In human terms, the values of the interdependent mindset serve as guidelines for decision making and taking action in the world. Such decisions and actions will be in harmony with the way things are. As such, they tend to encourage results that are sustainable and compassionate both locally and on a global scale.

Their power to affect these kinds of consequences is not only because they are supportive of an interdependent world individually but also because they, themselves, function interdependently.


Looking at the Hopeful Mindset Values Hexagram* it can be seen that each individual value is interconnected with five other values. For example, the sustainability value is connected to each of the other 5 values.

sustainability +

resiliency To be sustainable a system must be able to recover from perturbations.
connection Sustainability depends on interdependent connections.
responsibility Sustainability requires that humans take responsibility for the choices they make.
humility Humility includes understanding that we are not masters over nature but are an integrated part of it.
contribution We must all participate in establishing and maintaining sustainable systems.

Because of the interactions between the values of the interdependent perspective, these values are not merely a set of individual values but are actually a system of values. The interactions between the individual values create an integrated system that has more power to bring about desirable outcomes than any of the individual values would have on their own.

This is good news in these days of uncertainty and turmoil. Here is something we can rely on. Living life on the basis of the The Hopeful Mindset’s values system provides a trustworthy footing for making decisions and taking actions. Moreover, doing so contributes to the creation of a better world.

*The values in the hexagram are not the only values associated with the interdependent perspective of The Hopeful Mindset. They are representative of the kinds of values that arise from the interdependent worldview.